Q&A From 2017 Brewery Accelerator Workshop - Part 2

on Apr 16, 2018 Mary Brettmann

In 2017 I attended the Brewery Accelerator Workshop in San Diego, California and was available to answer pre-workshop questions for brewery CFOs. The topics included taxes and compliance, outsourced accounting vs. home-grown operations, start-up capital, and operational accounting.

Q&A from 2017 Brewery Accelerator Workshop – Part 1

on Apr 9, 2018 Mary Brettmann

In 2017 I attended the Brewery Accelerator Workshop in San Diego, California and was available to answer pre-workshop questions for brewery CFOs. The topics included taxes and compliance, outsourced accounting vs. home-grown operations, start-up capital, and operational accounting. 

 How to Get the Most out of OrchestratedBEER (OBEER) Software

on Apr 1, 2018 Mary Brettmann

OrchestratedBEER logoOBEER is a wonderfully complex engine that will propel your craft brewery to the next level. It requires focus and attention, but the rewards are well worth the effort. I often tell people that in order to get the most out of the software, you have to make sure that you are on a stable footing.

How to Read Financials Webinar

on Oct 12, 2016 Mary Brettmann

Taking the Fear Out of Brewery/Distillery Accounting

In my practice, I often see brewery owners who have a lot of questions regarding their books and accounting in general. They are uncertain about what makes their accounting system work and how to find the answers hidden in the financials. That is why some people shy away from accounting believing it to be “someone else’s problem.” I believe that mastering your financials is essential to gaining a true understanding of your business. You can’t steer a ship if you don’t understand how to navigate. That is why I partnered with Live Oak Bank to present a primer on financials and the accounting system in general. 

Beverage Business Builders joins CBA Preferred Providers Network

on Jan 11, 2016 Mary Brettmann

I am pleased to annouce that Beverage Business Builders has joined the CBA (Craft Beer Attorney) list of prefered providers.  Most of the providers are located in Southern California.  Each and every member of the network has been personally vetted by Candace Moon and displays the same kind of committment to craft as I do.  . There is everything from an insurance agent to branding experts.  I am so impressed by Candace's committment to "craft" in the business space.  Everyone has his or her pick of service providers in just about every niche of craft brewing.  It is nice to work with people who care about the beer almost as much as the brewer does. 

QuickBooks Advanced Reporting - the biggest secret out there

on Jan 8, 2016 Mary Brettmann

Intuit quietly added QBAR (QuickBooks Advanced Reporting) as part of the Enterprise 15 roll out. There were several additions made to the product in 2015 so this one flew under the radar. (QBAR had to compete with a new QBES pricing structure and the advanced pricing module).  Intuit has known for a long time that they needed to “up the game” with data analysis,  and this is their answer. They have a dedicated team of people to help us customize and learn how the product works. I discovered it about 6 months ago when I came back to the Intuit reseller community and started to kick the tires on the latest QBES launch. Now I am a big fan and supporter of the product. Once I got to look under the hood and see the available configurations, I was amazed at its power and capability.

2016 Orchestrate Resolutions

on Dec 22, 2015 Mary Brettmann

This year, 2015, went by so quickly. It was a rapid year of change for me and my clients. Now I want to settle into 2016 and set my intentions before the year begins.

Orchestrate Beverage Accounting Year-End Close Considerations

on Dec 18, 2015 Mary Brettmann

Closing Year-End is Like a Month-End Close on Steroids

2015 is coming to an end and 2016 will be here before we know it. It is time to starting thinking about closing 2015 and drafting resolutions for 2016. Let’s talk about ending 2015 first. Closing year-end is like a month-end close on steroids. Because so many people look at the year-end financials, you owe it to yourself and your readers to do the deep house cleaning on the December financials. Start with a detailed listing of tasks.  Make sure that note when each task was completed.  That will allow you to understand timing.  Need some help starting the close process?  Take a look at Orchestra's month-end close page.

Optimizing OrchestratedBEER Video Replay is Now Available

on Dec 12, 2015 Mary Brettmann

Optimizing OBEER is about Vision

Optimizing OrchestratedBEER is a series of concepts designed for a brewery to get the most out of the software.  Whether you are a beginner or the largest brewery out there, you can benefit from applying these concepts at your brewery.  There are two major concepts to understand; the OBEER Lifecycle and the OBEER Organizational Groups.  The lifecycle is defined as Implementation, Stabilization and Maximization.  Implementation ends when modules "go live".  That means that all modules are installed and the brewery is using some part of each module.  Stabilization occurs when everyone in the brewery trusts the data.  It takes a while to truly trust the numbers in the system.  It is very important to get to this level so that frustration level of the brewery to decreases back to normal levels.  Maximization occurs when the brewery relies on OBEER to run the brewery.  Tall order, yes, but that is ultimately why the brewery purchased the software in the first place. 

The Cautionary Tale of Dick Cantwell and Elysian Brewing

on Nov 25, 2015 Mary Brettmann

Rebel Craft Brewing versus the Establishment

Craft Brewing runs in part on its hatred of macro beer (and the makers of such beer).  It gives artists and anarchists something to focus their creative energy against.  SeattleMet’s feature article on Dick Cantwell and the sale of Elysian Brewing to In-Bev is a must read for any member of the craft brewing community. In the article, “Matt Lincecum, who founded Fremont Brewing in 2008—now it’s one of the largest brewers in the state—says independent breweries are forever fighting Big Beer’s considerable lobbying and distribution clout: “To this day they actively try to kill our industry,” he says. “We’ve come up as the rebel force taking on the evil empire, and that gives us a community.”