Craft Brewers Conference Presentations are Packed with Craft Beer Trend Data

on Apr 22, 2020 Mary Brettmann

This coming weekend we were supposed to fly to San Antonio for the start of the Craft Brewers Conference (CBC). Instead, like most everyone, we are all sheltering at home watching one day turn into another day. Even though we can’t be in San Antonio, the Brewers Association is streaming some of the conference content via Crowdcast. The best part is that it’s free for anyone, not just those who paid for the conference. In fact, everyone who purchased a ticket received a 100% refund. Obviously, that is a huge hit to the Brewers Association. Remember to renew your membership when it comes due this year. It may hurt to think about paying those membership dues, but the Brewers Association just lost one of their largest annual fundraisers.

5 Hidden Items in the CARES Act

on Apr 16, 2020 Mary Brettmann

Ever since the enactment of the CARES Act, everyone’s attention has been focused on the direct payments to individuals ($1,200 payment per individual, releasing the week of April 13) and the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) whose funds are scheduled to end the same week. The law is actually 880 pages long and has a lot more benefits and programs that are not getting as much attention. In this post I’ll break down the other important areas of the CARES Act.

Emergency FMLA and Sick Leave: How Businesses Can Make it Work

on Apr 15, 2020 Mary Brettmann

Lately, much of the attention has been on the government stimulus from the CARES act, direct payments to individuals, and the Payroll Protection Plan (PPP) loans, but there are other programs that will become more important as time goes on. Yes, the direct payments are nice and the PPP loans will help companies stay afloat over the next couple of months, but the new COVID-19 FMLA and sick policy will have an impact throughout 2020. Due to the enhanced unemployment benefits and the PPP loans, not many employees have taken advantage of the program. Let's dive in and learn the criteria, as well as ways your business can pay for it for your employees.

Q&A from 2020 Brewery Accelerator Workshop

on Mar 10, 2020 Mary Brettmann

While attending and speaking at the 2020 Brewery Accelerator Workshop in Virginia, I answered questions following my presentation: The Brewery CFO: Accounting, Inventory, and Pricing Seminar. 

Hidden Gems in September/October 2019 Edition of The New Brewer Magazine

on Oct 4, 2019 Mary Brettmann

Lately I have made a resolution for myself and that is to be more efficient in daily work and life. In keeping with this resolution, when I received the September/October 2019 issue of The New Brewer Magazine, I read it cover to cover. I found a lot of cool facts, tips, and ideas within the 184 pages and I thought I would highlight them here.

Digital Natives and the Changing Demand for Beer

on Sep 11, 2019 Mary Brettmann

I must confess. I was in college before I saw my first computer. That means that my youth was spent in a reality that did not include computers, smart phones, or social media. Lately, I’ve been watching how we interact with the digital world and how it influences the choice to consume craft beer.

How to Handle the End of Summer Brewery Blues

on Aug 29, 2019 Mary Brettmann

Summer is a glorious time of year indeed. The weather is nice and people turn to beer to enjoy the season. Breweries are busy filling orders and everyone is on overtime. Then every year, a bell rings and the orders suddenly slow. This bell is the school bell and it signals that summer has come to an end.

The Amazingly Flexible Brewing Process

on Aug 19, 2019 Mary Brettmann

In this era of choice, it’s important to take a step back and appreciate the amazing flexibility of the brewing process. No other process can create the amount of different tastes; a wine will always taste like a wine, a spirit like a spirit, and so on. Not true when it comes to the brewing process. Fermentation can take on several different tastes depending on the yeast used, temperature of the fermentation and the time taken to ferment. The Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) looks at a brewer as someone who brews an alcohol. But that can take many forms and shapes.

Your Brewery and the Changing Trends That Affect Craft Beer

on Aug 11, 2019 Mary Brettmann

Trends in the beverage industry change quickly and it can be tough to know how to address them for the success of your brewery. What drives the trends and the crowds? What motivates a customer to be brand-loyal? Does your brewery need to spend a lot of money chasing the trends in order to stay relevant? I address each of these questions and more in this post because I believe this is an exciting time to be a craft brewer and you can continue to grow by being aware of a few key things. If you can keep your finger on the pulse of the trends, you will also keep your customers.

How Your Brewery Will Benefit from Financial Consulting

on Jul 12, 2019 Mary Brettmann

Regularly, the question comes up in conversation: Mary, what is it exactly that you do? The thing is, what I do just doesn't fit into a 30-second elevator speech. To best outline the type of success I bring to breweries, I would like to share my process and the key elements involved along the way.